April 6, 2017   The CABINET Project curated by Roberta Buinani, produced by the Toronto ArtSci Salon presents historical, anecdotal and imagined stories evoked by scientific objects displayed in cabinets in various buildings at the University of Toronto.


Seeing the Invisible, Nina Czegledy, Robarts Library, University of Toronto

The first North American Scanning Electron Microscope 1937-1938





April 3, 2017, LASER -Montréal (co-chaired by Nina Czegledy and Gisèle Trudel)

will present  a panel discussion about multisensoriality titled Moved by touch.

Ècole de tango Las Pierna, Montreal




with David Howes, Armando Menicacci, Barbara Clausen and Jean Gignon











February 27, 2017, Gus Fisher Gallery, University of Auckland,

Auckland, New Zealand




Nina Czegledy: Art practice: an exploration of alternative strategies







February 25, 2017 Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery,

Auckland, New Zealand

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