What will you do to help us cool the earth?

"What Will You Do?" asks to share your personal commitment, to be pro-active about climate change. The public art installation displays text messages from the participating general public, addressing the issue of individual and collective responsibility for making social change.

We are all aware that our earth is in crisis. We all know about climate change, and the effect our actions have on our environment. We are conscious of the fact that our current use of energy and material consumption is untenable and unsustainable. We also know that we have to change our behaviour before it's too late. But are we as individuals willing to make a personal commitment to change? Are we ready to take individual responsibility for the interest of our collective home?

"What Will You Do?” encourages the audience to respond to these concerns by sending SMS text messages.

2007 – 2009
a public art project and an onsite & online installation in collaboration with Greg Judelman & Daniel Barber

September 29/30 – Nuit Blanche 2007 Toronto, Canada
February 7, 2009 – SCANZ 2009, Gowett Brewster Gallery, New Plumouth, New Zealand