Girls & Guns

The Girls and Guns Artists' Collective examines popular examples of the sensationalized power struggle between men and women and depictions of the women who fight back. The artists who form the collective all straddle the worlds of business and art by being both arts administrators and visual artists in their own right. As a collective, all of the artists use humor to critique and celebrate the dual role of the warrior woman. The Collective is inspired by and was formed as a result of Kiss Machine's proposed sixth issue with the themes of "girls and guns." The Girls and Guns Artist Collective was initiated in autumn of 2001.

Michelle Kasprzak, Nina Czegledy, Sally McKay, Paola Poletto and Sheila Butler

October 1-3, 2004, Videomedeja Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia
September 14- 17, 2004, Lindart Cultural Centre, Tirana Albania
August 10– September 4, 2004, Dorottya Galeria, Budapest, Hungary
April 25 – May 24, 2003 Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario, Canada