Keeping memories of this far-reaching, changing times of COVID 19 is the idea behind homezone. How to express the situation during a quarantine in a house or apartment for weeks in some cases for months, with an uncertainty about our live would be after in future? It is a time of measuring our own space and live. A daily routine without our regular live outside. The space #homezone, was getting a more and more important role during confinement. Striking with a special time, with no regular escapes.

Therefore, I was wondering about, how other artist are dealing and expressing the quarantine I asked artist, to express their
#homezone. The only requirement for the #homezone - a sheet of white paper. The result is amazing, drawings, text photos
and collages - from very playful others more abstract. Sometimes I received no response - kind of a blank sheet.

#homezone was an opportunity for exchange and an insight at the different conditions during the quarantine worldwide.
thanks to participants to make this possible and share it!

initiated and curated by Eva-Maria Lopez; 2020
© all copyrights by the artists

personal #homezone‘s during the lockdown of COVID 19

Bobby Bringi (USA) | Nina Czegledy (CAN) | James Denison (F) | Jakob Gautel (F) | Frances Knight (GB) |Joan Linder (USA) | Eva-Maria Lopez (D/F) | Christine Melchiors (F) | Agnes Meyer-Brandis (D) |Annee Miron (AUS) | Natasha Roublov (F) | Claudia Schoemig (D) | Antonia Schwarz (D)