Open Culture: Urban Interventions

The theme of this exhibition refers to socio-political creeds as well as realities
of the present both in distant South Africa and Toronto. Marcus Neustetter and Stephen Hobbs, our visiting artists from Johannesburg, South Africa contribute a meaningful representation of their individual artworks as well as their joint projects. Hobbs and Neustetter’s socially engaged, performative urban interventions strike at the heart of renegotiating one's otherness in a society constantly recalibrating its sense of self and the collective. These works are complimented by local and regional expressions on the exhibition theme by Ron Wild and Dr. Joe Garaci, Willy Le Maitre, Donna Legault, Patricio Davila and Dave Colangelo. The statements of the exhibiting artists most eloquently describes their work, consequently instead of complex interpretation, the artists are frequently quoted in this text.

for Subtle Technologies Festival 2014
May 20- May 31, 2014
Paul H. Cocker Gallery, Ryerson University, Toronto