Points of Entry

The title, Points of Entry, evokes border crossings, lengthy journeys and the eventual arrival to another territory, inevitably resulting in the discovery of shifting perceptions. Points of Entry is a landmark media art collaboration and exchange project between Canada, New Zealand, and Australia which proceeds in this spirit. The project neatly befits the transforming global landscape, where contemporary cultural transactions are performed in a constantly shifting framework, involving divergent, often contradictory paradigms and simultaneously raising numerous questions.

2003 – 2004
Points of Entry international exchange touring project by Canadian, Australian and New Zealand artistsCurated by Nina Czegledy (CA) Deborah Lawler Dormer (NZ) Robin Pettard (Australia)

Participating artists:
Canada: Jocelyn Roberts and Daniel Jolliffe, Jon Baturin, Simone Jones & Hope Thompson
New Zealand: Alex Monteith & Darren Glass, Virginia King, Yuk King Tan
Australia: George Bourke, Andrew Burrell, Leigh Hobba, Sophia Lerner

Venues The Moving Image Centre, Auckland, NZ 2003, CAST, Hobart, Tasmania 2003, Artspace, Sydney Australia 2003, Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, Australia 2004


California Lemons Sing a Song featuring Kaoru Motomiya, Japan
Women’s Art Resource Centre, Tranz-Tech Festival 2003, Toronto, Canada
October – November 2003

California lemon sings a song is a low-tech sound installation that was chosen as best audience favored work at thee ISEA 2002, in Nagoya, Japan.
This interactive installation uses lemons encoded with digital sound tips to electrically produce simple melodies generated by the fruit’s acidity

When Robots Get Emotional with Machiko Kushara and Norman White round table discussion on robotic art in collaboration with OCAD, Rivoli, Toronto, Canada

2000- 2002 (touring project)

Digitized Bodies Virtual Spectacles – onsite and online events Co-curated with Vera Baksa-Soos (Hu) and Marina Grzinic (Si) presenting the artwork from the three With the generous support of the Daniel Langlois Foundation

This project was inspired by the realization that biosciences, communication, and information technologies have produced the fastest growing industries of the last two decades The project aims to investigate how the rapidly developing technologies of the present day have influenced our perception of our bodies, our lives, our imagination and our very future.

Thematically linked events included conferences, performances and round table discussions


Intimate Perceptions, InterAccess, Toronto, Canada 2000, Ludwig Museum Budapest Hungary
2001, Digitized Bodies online exhibition co-curated with Jack Butler, City Gallery, Ljubljana 2002


Wired Body/Mediated Body, international video selection
A selection of historical and contemporary examples of work dealing with the postmodern notions of the human body
Venues: Zero Degree Monstrosities, Vancouver 2000
Goethe Institute, Toronto 2000
Ludwig Museum, Budapest 2001