The Visual Collider

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) the world's most powerful particle accelerator,
designed to mimic the first moments of the Big Bang.Thousands of scientists worked for
decades to achieve this scientific spectacle. LHC is a fine example of fantasy and facts.
Inspired and intrigued by the Large LHC mega project we set out to create a visual collider
for the images and impressions they produce individually.. In our VC we present raw,
spontaneous records that reflect more a momentary involvement that is simply juxtaposed
with another. By applying a personal approach to the project we challenge mega-projects.
At the actual Collider every function is based on principles and systems. In contrast the artists'
method is spontaneous, immediate and intentionally unsystematic. Nevertheless there are
significant junctures. LHC is an immense scientific venture -Czegledy and Neustetter 's
deep interest in the intersection of arts, science and technology is a crossover point. While in
the sciences it is prudent to build on fundamental facts with analytical precision, in reality these
investigations are often permeated with the exploration of the unknown, reaching unexpected
revelations. In artistic practice working with the bizarre, traveling towards unpredictable
destinations is a regular pursuit. These unexpected results including happy accidents often lead to significant alternate solutions or theories. The artist's adjacent image-sets in their book titled the Visual Collider reveal unconventional interpretations frequently through unforeseen collisions.

2009 – 2016
with Marcus Neustetter

Visual Collider was exhibited in 14 cities, 11 countries, 4 continents

October 1, 2016, Simbiosis Festival, Pachuca, Mexico
March 9, 2013, Unisa Gallery, Pretoria, South Africa
March 7, 2013, Circa/Speke Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa
December 15, 2012, Mediamatic Fabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
December 13, 2012, Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands
December 11, 2012, Saana Gallery, Utrecht, The Netherlands
September 14, 2011, ISEA2011, Istanbul, Turkey
September 9, 2011, Machfeld Studio Gallery, Vienna, Austria
September 6 – September 22, 2011, Enter Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
September 1 – September 9, 2011, 2B Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
August 14, 2011, HICA Gallery, Dalcrombie, Loch Ruthven, Inverness=shire, Scotland
March 11, 2010 , Other Gallery, The Banff Centre, Banff, Canada
January 7, 2010,  Alma on Dobbin Gallery, New York, US
September 9, 2009, Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Vela LukaKorcula, Croatia