Working Together

The Working Together exhibition is a testimony to effective and successful collaborate practice. Collaboration is a complex process incorporating an extensive range of laborious tasks yet it also includes intriguing debates, unforeseen adventures and important knowledge sharing. The Visual Collider and the Aura/Aurora projects were conceptualized by us independent artists; developed and presented with many partners and involved travelling from the Rocky Mountains via Europe to Johannesburg as well as from the Aegean Sea to Arctic Lapland. We do not have a certified operating method, no code, no rules or regulations - the whole process is based on tough work and mutual trust. Nonetheless many issues such as cross-disciplinary backgrounds, different creative approaches, cultural differences and other issues have to be addressed to mutual satisfaction. In conclusion, boundless enthusiasm, innovation and flexibility motivate our individual practice and contribute to the success of collaborations. Working Together pays homage to collaborative practice but especially to Marcus Neustetter and Bettina Schuelke.

November 11, 2016
Nina Czegledy, Marcus Neustetter, Bettina Schuelke
Simbiosis, organized by FRONDA, Pachuca, Mexico