Achtung Baby

Achtung Baby! performance and video by Canadian women brings forward artworks in video and performance which embody interruptions in the dominant media frame. In this two-fold exhibition, the work of performance artist, Johanna Householder is contextualized by a comprehensive video program curated by Nina Czegledy. Householder’s performance, Portrait of a Situation, will explore the act of forgetting in a media saturated environment. Both aspects of the exhibition reveal work which physically and telematically disrupts the given narrative frameworks and media tropes with highly personal interventions.

Achtung Baby! illuminates the strategy of embodied interruption, a practice which has a long standing history in Canadian video and performance. Referencing seminal works in video (Lisa Steele) and performance (The Clichettes) Czegledy focuses on the 21st century techniques of an exciting crop of current practitioners who effortlessly enter the media frame, turning it into their own highly individual landscapes.

2005 – 2006
Performance by Canadian Women, with Johanna Householder

Bratislava, Slovakia,
Budapest, Hungary
Cluj, Romania