Resonance, The Electromagnetic Bodies Project

Resonance explores the nature of invisible yet discernible material forces and the impact of these energies on our environment and the human body. Resonance responds to the pioneering concepts of the inventor, Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). Of the numerous visionary concepts by Tesla, many relate to this project including the emergence of wireless communication, the development of robotics and the prospect of tele-presence. The implication of the observer in the construction of reality (in anticipation of virtual reality) as well as the magnetism of bodies, were also topics of Tesla's long term investigations. Most of the effects of electromagnetism still present an enigma to scientists and artists alike. Considering the long history of imaginary and concrete automata, culminating in the present concept of the cyborg and the post-human issues, one may wonder whether this distinction is still valid. Furthermore, one may consider the need of re-interpretations of the issues of expression, gesture and agency in the context of body immersion in the electromagnetic realm. Electromagnetic Bodies is an interdisciplinary collaboration, providing an opportunity for the participating artists to reflect on their own practice in the light of scientific research. The project aims to extend the artistic and critical potential of these issues as well as demonstrate its mutability. A flexible modular structure has been developed, allowing a diversity of events and participants in each place where the project is presented.

Touring project, installations by Ten Canadian Artists
Co-curated with Louse Provencher

Artists: AeLab: Gisele Trudel, Stephane Claude, David Tomas, Jean-Pierre Auve, Paulette Phillips, Catherine Richards, Jocelyn Robert, Norman White, Marie-Jeanne Musiol, Simone Jones

Oboro&Occurrence Montreal
ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
Condu Duque, Madrid, Spain
V2/Tent, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Outsiders Festival, Paris, France