The Impact of Space on Society: Cultural Aspects

For the first time ever an international space-art event, including a workshop and an exhibition, is planned in Budapest The event is closely connected to the "Impact of Space" the First IAA International Conference, hosted by the Hungarian Space office, held in March, 2005. The event is developed in collaboration between Millenaris Cultural Centre, C3 Centre for Culture and Communication, Ivan Almar, Chairman of the International Program Committee of the IAA Conference, the Space Art Working Group and Leonardo, the International Society for the Arts, Science and Technology.

The Project Development Team in Budapest is inspired by the model of the Leonardo Space Art Project, which has been operating for several years, aiming to make visible the work of artists, writers, composers and others interested in the exploration of outer space. The incentives motivating space artists are well articulated by Roger Malina, astronomer and co-chairman of the Committee on Space Activities and Society of the International Academy of Astronautics: "Space age was possible because for centuries the cultural imagination was fed by artists, writers and musicians who dreamed of human activities in space."

Millenaris, Budapest