Angles and Intersections

The history the Quadrilateral Biennale began in 2005 with a cultural exchange between four neighboring countries, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Italy, with an emphasis on presenting contemporary art practice. Unlike its thematic predecessors, Relativism (2005) and Culture Hero (2007), this year’s Quadrilateral Biennale is for the first time concerned with new media art. The Biennale will examine different angles and intersections emerging from new media in their relation to the specific political, economic, and cultural context of the participating countries.

The curatorial team – Christiane Paul (USA/GER), Nina Czegledy (HU), Peter TomaÏ Dobrila (SL), Darko Fritz (HR), and Elena Giulia Rossi (IT) will present 16 works of media and digital art. On display in the MMSU and at several other Rijeka venues, the exhibition will be integrated into the urban space of Rijeka, which, during the time of the Biennale, will turn the city into the regional center of new media art.


3rd Biennale Kvadrilaterale (Quadrilateral Biennial), co-curator with Christiane Paul, Darko Fritz, Elena Rossi and Peter Tomaz Dobrila

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia