Device Art in KIBU

What is Device Art? It is a Japanese project that explores new ways of bridging art, design, technology, science and entertainment. Partly sculpture, partly gadgets, partly toys, Device Art, allows artists to develop objects that are precisely crafted, mass produced, and guided more by artistic concepts than a corporate brand or marketing position. Most importantly Device Art physically engages and creates a new relationship with its audience. At the Device Art celebration in, Budapest on September 10, 2009 Machiko Kusahara, -who originally coined the term “Device Art – in her keynote lecture introduces the concept of Device Art including questions it raises, illustrated by a wide selection of examples by Japanese artists and designers.

Japanese Device Art program in Budapest
Workshop & round table discussion moderated by Nina Czegledy

Participants: Erkki Huhtamo, US, Marcus Neustetter, South Africa, Claudio Rivera Seguel, Chile, Janos Sugar, Hungary Matt Rotto, Canada, Bettine, Budapest, Hungary